Site Updates
 Created by: ACESpark Date: 17-10-2017 , 0 Replies
People on the discord have asked for a Wiki, so we've added one here: It's very early, so we ask people to plug in info where they can. Inform me of any downtime that may occur, and save regularly as there have been some teething issues with the software.
Other Unlocks.
 Created by: ACESpark Date: 11-10-2017 , 0 Replies
The rest of the unlockables have been added to the website. If you think you're missing something, go check it out!
Version 1.2
 Created by: SnoruntPyro Date: 11-10-2017 , 5 Replies
Changelog: Download Link: As usual, get the game from the download page. Simply extract the zip and run the game. Your saves will transfer over. New Features * A Boss Gallery has been added to the Dojo! Now you can refight most bosses at any time. You unlock the bosses as you complete levels and Challenges. * Noble Nickels now no longer permanently disappear and instead return in a greyed-out form. Collecting the greyed out nickels in non-Skip Teleporer rooms will give 20 bolts. Critical Errors Fixed * Cruise Elroy's section in Wily 6 no longer immediately crashes the game. * Renhoek's maze room in Null and Void no longer has infinitely dying Rong Rongs and portals that kill you. * The Bright Man teleporters from Identity Crisis work again. (I still don't know why they broke) * You can no longer softlock yourself by pausing mid-Slash Claw. * The Mega Man hitbox applied by Stone Butterfly is no longer destroyed by Jewel Satellite and its variants. Other Fixes: * Galaxy Man is now immune to the Contest Weapons. * Fixed the Za Warudo shader persisting in the Knight Man fight if you transitioned to the next phase while the attack was still on. * Super Mode flying can no longer be toggled in spaceships. * Escape Sequence has had its autotiler removed and manual tiles added, which should drastically decrease load times. * Mega Man now counts as a costume on the file select, bringing the total to an even 28. * Sound Test now displays the proper level names for Lacked the Depth and HCMMCAS if you have G-rated text content on. Other Changes: * Wily 6 has been tweaked further. The right path in the loop is now permanently open. * An extra two checkpoints have been added to Swiss Hotel. * A sign has been added to the Tier X hub to make it more clear where the final level is. * Completed Null and Void rooms now display crowns above their teleporters. * Super Mode is no longer allowed in any of the Arenas if you haven't cleared said arena. (get good megavile)
Version 1.11
 Created by: SnoruntPyro Date: 08-10-2017 , 0 Replies
Changelog: Haha end me (Some known bugs are still present in this build. We're just getting this out now to fix the stupid Wily 6 crash.) Critical Errors Fixed * The crash vs. the Chimerabot in JupiHornet's Wily 6 section no longer occurs. * Custom costumes will no longer sometimes inexplicably break the game. * Challenge 30 (Masochism) can now be completed and has been changed to "beat the final arena without spending weapon energy". * Swirling shots from Super Mode will no longer crash Spiked Wall Man and disable Volt Man the Assimilator's hitbox. * Dying to Hardcore Parkour's boss should no longer cause an autowin. * The Knight Man battle should no longer crash due to a shader bug present on some computers. * Fixed the wrong amount of Energy Elements triggering the Tier X cutscene if you finish collecting all Energy Elements in tier 10. Other Fixes: * Metall K1000s now play the proper sound effect. * Names in the credits now properly swipe offscreen no matter where they are. * Some depth issues in the title screen credits have been fixed. * Odd text formatting in CATS' text in AD 2101 has been fixed. * Some odd coloring in the Arena hubs has been fixed. * Fixed the mob room alarm in Joe Man not animating. * Fixed being able to skip over a barrier and break one of the rooms in Null & Void. * Some NPCs always referring to you as Mega Man has been fixed. Changes: * Some parts of Wily 6 have been changed slightly. For example, the The Stage Nobody Asked For room no longer requires foreknowledge of the level's gimmick. * The Roll costume has been updated to look less odd in some frames. * You can now speed up the credits by holding Jump. * The objective description for Challenge 5 has been made more clear. * Some more costume-exclusive dialogue has been added.
Domain Name!
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After a bit of a kerfuffle, (Someone squatted on our original domain name. No really.),  our domain name has come in, update any bookmarks and links to , otherwise the forum won't work properly.
Version 1.1
 Created by: ACESpark Date: 05-10-2017 , 3 Replies
Changelog: The most notable changes to this version, is it is now possible to reach the Endgame. Good luck! Critical Errors Fixed * Wily 5 Boss softlock has been fixed. * Buying the Boss Health reducer in the pit no longer softlocks the game at Galaxy Man. * Tier X stage Mario Land now saves its Energy Elements correctly. * There is no longer a crash during the Cyber Man fight. Ditto for Cyber Sheriff. * The missiles in Launch and Shuttle Man's stage are no longer invisible. * Tier X stage Wily VR can now be beaten. * Fixed crashes involving Glue Devil and Mushroom enemies. * Volt Man should no longer get stuck in the ceiling in the arena. * Wily Machine's crash has been fixed. Other Fixes: * Hairless Rockman has been altered to not have palette issues. * The game now asks for the correct Number of Energy Elements to enter Tier X. * Various Tier bosses can now have times submitted to the leaderboard. * AD2101 leaderboard submissions no longer count as cheating unless you actually cheat. * Sasorrenu now checks to see whether Flash Stopper is in use. * Davwin skin unlock is now correct. * Butter Nezumi's music resets correctly. * Cloaked Guy should no longer get stuck in the floor. * The Exit utility should no longer get "stuck". * OOB errors in Wily 6 have been corrected. * Skelefellow (Haunt Man)'s eyes use the correct graphics now. * Collision errors in the Wave Bike segments of Wily 4 and Rush City have been fixed. * You can no longer move on ladders whilst using Slash Claw. * City Under Siege's Rush Jet segment no longer screws up the player palette. * Some sound effects play correctly now. * Certain NPC's now refer to you as the correct character. Changes: * The Game's Version number is now displayed. The game may ask for a connection to the internet, that is fine, it's checking to see if a new version is out. * Various NPC dialogue has been updated, some now have exclusive text to certain costumes. * More skins can now use the unlockable MaGMML2 weaponset. * Helmet-less Rockman has been altered slightly. * Dr Light's stupidier frames have been replaced. The skin may be wholly replaced at a later date. * Dr Light now uses both weapon colours on the palette. * The game now displays the version number. * Wily 4 Boss has had one of its attacks nerfed speed-wise. * Match Blast has had its ammo halved. * A warning sign has been added to Orbital Station.
Costume Info
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More information on the unlock-able costumes has been added to the site.