ItemRequirementWhat it does
Area Unlocks
Wily StagesCollect 65 Energy Elements.Play the 5 Judge Wily stages in the order of the judges, (Pyro to ACE), as well as Wily 0 and Wily 6.
The PitClear the Wily stages.Play a Endless attack mode generated by user submissions
Tier XCollect 111 Energy Elements.Play a special tier featuring Developer and Guest levels.
Null & VoidCollect 125 Energy Elements.Play the true finale.
Dojo Unlocks
Wily Stage HubClear the Wily stages.Replay any Wily stage.
Mega ArenaClear the Wily stages and Normal Arena.Replay all Entry bosses in a random order.
True ArenaClear Null & Void and Mega ArenaReplay all Tier, Additional, Wily and Postgame bosses in a random order.
Other Unlockables
Cheat Mode100% the game.Play the game with bonus cheats.
Returning MaGMML1 BossesClear the Wily stages.Play against reimagined versions of the top 3 bosses from Make a Good Mega Man Level 1. These are found in Tier 10.