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MaGMML1 Is there any way to see which stages in MAGMMLC1 I have yet to get energy elements?
The second game displays a count of collected and total energy elements above each stage teleporter, but the first one just displays them unlabeled on a big screen in front of Dr. Light, which isn't all that useful. Am I missing something? I don't really feel like going through every level just to see if I've already beaten it...
No such luck, sorry.
Standing on the stage teleporters shows a display that tells you if you've gotten the element or not. Every stage in MaGMML1 only has one energy element, so it'll either say 0/1 or 1/1, depending on whether you've beaten it or not.

Also, there are 30 elements in all (the 20 entry levels, the 4 tier bosses, and the 6 Wily stages.)
Each element on Dr. Light's big monitor corresponds to a specific stage.

The first 20 are for the entries, going from 20th place to first. The next four are for the tier bosses.

The bottom row is for the Wily stage energy elements and the two special icons.

So you can figure it out by looking at where the gaps are on the monitor.


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