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Version 1.3.1
This update includes some important fixes, like making Wily 4 not literally unbeatable.

Link to download page:


Critical Errors Fixed
* Fixed the final electric ceiling at the end of Wily 4's sakugarne section.
* Reverted milk and strawberry hitbox changes, which completely broke the latter fight.
* Fixed stuck spot in Shin's NaV room.
* Fixed invincibility issue with Lava Factory custom met.
* Fixed leaderboard timer breaking in true arena when you fight one of the tier bosses.

Other Fixes
* Added solids to the Wily 4 water just below the final nickel so there's no clipping issues
* Strawberry milk jets now spawn properly if you lose to them and retry the fight.
* If you somehow have excessive EE and NN it now forces the maximum 126 and 220 numbers retrospectively upon loading the main hub.
* You can no longer grab the Wily 4 weapon changers with Hornet Chaser.
* Raised ceiling in M-Tank room in Deep Thoughts so that the poor Yggdrasil Joe can spawn "properly".
* "Not Mega Man" skin is now correctly known as "Mega Man?".
* Fixed a few frames in Mega Man?'s skin, including his scarf in his jumping firing frames, his buster in his sliding frame, and his boot in his step frame.
* Fixed colouring on Joe Man's Rush sprites.
* You no longer automatically regain full health when initiating the Wily Core fight in the True Arena.
* Fixed hub vertical scrolling when leaving Bouncy Castle and Coyote Man.

Other Changes
* Added moving ladder to Cheat Man's room in Deep Thoughts.
* Disabled weapon switching during the credits.
* The pixel coordinate that indicates a custom costume's ability to use contest weapons is now the "skip" pixel instead of being a new pixel at the very bottom


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