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Freeware games
Well, nobody's created any threads here so far, so how about we start things off with a discussion of general freeware games?

I'd like to start by bringing up the freeware game I can't ever seem to shut up about: Tyrian 2000. It's probably one of my favorite shoot 'em ups ever, and yet the devs decided to eventually make it freeware. I should probably play it again some point soon, it really does have some amazing replay value. And an amazing soundtrack. And some of the best 2D sprites in video game history. And one of the most blatantly rushed final episodes in episodic gaming history... okay, so the game isn't perfect, but then again, what game is? Besides, the game more than makes up for that with its humor, level design, weapon design, and bazillion million thousand easter-eggs.

So, what are your favorite freeware games? Smile
Non-hater of Mega Man X7, developer of some rather obscure indee videya gamez, and creator of Mega Man Maker meme/joke levels, as well as the creator of a few non-meme/non-joke Mega Man Maker levels.


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