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Say Hello! - Introduce yourself here!
Greetings, my dears.
I am DarklordBloodySoul, father of Death and Master of Darkness...
Let me witness mortal creativity at it's peak....


Okay, out of Character here xD

Greetings, my friends. I am DarklordBloodySoul.
Work and Labour for my livelyhood have put most of my creative craftmanship on hold, but I am certainly interested in engaging in it once more.
Seeing as there are many formidable Level Designers within your forum, I hoped to find comrades that could teach and help me present some of my
ideas to others. I would love to take part in the MaGMML3 Contest as well.

Hope we all can get along!

Oh! I am a fan of anything prior to X. Classic all the way, I guess xD
"When the world gives you lemons, throw them right back and demand some apples."

~Have A Nice Day~

...What, I need to say more? Okay, uh...

I've been playing Mega Man since early 2013, and got introduced to Magmml by RoahmMythril's blind playthrough of the first one. I wasn't interested enough to join then, but after seeing what a big step up in scale and production value Magmml 2 had I wanted to be a part of it.

My favorite game in the series is Mega Man 9 and I'm one of those weird people who likes Mega Man 1&6 more than the other NES titles.

I just want to make a level that a decent number of people can enjoy.
I've been a fan of the MAGMML games for a bit now and have really enjoyed them. I hope to be able to enter for the 3rd one~


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