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Version 1.11

Haha end me

(Some known bugs are still present in this build. We're just getting this out now to fix the stupid Wily 6 crash.)

Critical Errors Fixed
* The crash vs. the Chimerabot in JupiHornet's Wily 6 section no longer occurs.
* Custom costumes will no longer sometimes inexplicably break the game.
* Challenge 30 (Masochism) can now be completed and has been changed to "beat the final arena without spending weapon energy".
* Swirling shots from Super Mode will no longer crash Spiked Wall Man and disable Volt Man the Assimilator's hitbox.
* Dying to Hardcore Parkour's boss should no longer cause an autowin.
* The Knight Man battle should no longer crash due to a shader bug present on some computers.
* Fixed the wrong amount of Energy Elements triggering the Tier X cutscene if you finish collecting all Energy Elements in tier 10.

Other Fixes:
* Metall K1000s now play the proper sound effect.
* Names in the credits now properly swipe offscreen no matter where they are.
* Some depth issues in the title screen credits have been fixed.
* Odd text formatting in CATS' text in AD 2101 has been fixed.
* Some odd coloring in the Arena hubs has been fixed.
* Fixed the mob room alarm in Joe Man not animating.
* Fixed being able to skip over a barrier and break one of the rooms in Null & Void.
* Some NPCs always referring to you as Mega Man has been fixed.

* Some parts of Wily 6 have been changed slightly. For example, the The Stage Nobody Asked For room no longer requires foreknowledge of the level's gimmick.
* The Roll costume has been updated to look less odd in some frames.
* You can now speed up the credits by holding Jump.
* The objective description for Challenge 5 has been made more clear.
* Some more costume-exclusive dialogue has been added.


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