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Devkit Bosses Voting?
Since we'll be holding voting for the MaGMML3 weapons arsenal, would it also be possible that we could have voting for what devkit bosses we'd like to have for MaGMML3? It might help some of us wanting to use devkit assets to plan ahead.
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In all honesty, I'm not sure that would be feasible. Devkit bosses were generally not added to MaGMML2 just because they were cool.

-Crash Man was added because he's simple and easy to edit
-Guts Man was added to show off quakes
-Chill Man was added for freezing abilities
-Gemini Man was added for basic dual boss purposes and multi-phase bosses
-Pharaoh Man was used because he's the Mega Engine's example boss

And so on and so forth

Essentially, Devkit bosses were frequently added to serve a specific purpose to benefit the contestants in making their own bosses. There's only a scant few bosses where that isn't the case.

Weapons are numerous and very easy to categorize, trying to do the same with bosses is... a challenge, at the very least. As I said, I'm not sure if your suggestion will be feasible for MaGMML3.


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